Volume 1 The Tests of NinjaEdit

Chapter 1 - Uzumaki Naruto Edit

Fourth Hokage mentioned

Naruto introduced

Hokage Moument vandalized

Naruto uses the Sexy Technique on Iruka

Naruto fails the Graduation Exam for the third time

Mizuki convinces Naruto to steal the Scroll of Forbidden Seals

Naruto is caught by the Hokage and uses the Sexy Technique to knock him out

Mizuki attacks Naruto and Iruka

Mizuki reveals the sealing of the Kyuubi to Naruto

Naruto defeats Mizuki using the Shadow Clone Technique

Iruka graduates Naruto

Chapter 2 - Konohamaru Edit

Naruto takes his ninja picture and is rejected

Konohamaru attacks the Hokage and trips on his scarf, blaming it on Naruto

Naruto teaches Konohamaru the Sexy Technique

Sarutobi reveals the law preventing anyone telling Naruto about the Kyuubi

Naruto uses the Harem Technique for the first time

Konohamaru declares himself Naruto's rival

Chapter 3 - Uchiha Sasuke Edit

Haruno Sakura introduced

Uchiha Sasuke introduced

Naruto and Sasuke kiss

Team Seven formed

Naruto transforms into Sasuke and talks to Sakura

Kakashi and Sarutobi visit Naruto's house

Chapter 4 - Hatake Kakashi Edit

Naruto pranks Kakashi

Team Seven introduce themselves

Kakashi tells Team Seven about the survival exam

Survival exam starts

Chapter 5 - Carelessness is Your Worst Enemy Edit

Kakashi reads Icha Icha Paradise while Naruto attacks

Naruto uses the Shadow Clone Technique on Kakashi

Chapter 6 - Not Sasuke-kun Edit

Naruto falls for the trapped bell

Sasuke attacks Kakashi

Sakura looks for Sasuke and passes out from Kakashi's genjutsu

Chapter 7 - Kakashi's ConclusionEdit

Sasuke almost gets a bell

Sakura wakes up

Sasuke uses  Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

Kakashi uses Earth Release: Underground Decapitation Technique

Naruto gets caught trying to eat lunch

Sakura passes out after seeing Sasuke's head

Naruto gets tied to the pole once the time runs out

Kakashi tells Team seven to quit being shinobi  

Volume 2 The Worst Client Edit

Chapter 8 - That's Why You're Failures Edit

Iruka meets the Hokage about Kakashi over lunch  

Kakashi explains the purpose behind the test

Sasuke and Sakura give Naruto lunch and pass  

Chapter 9 - The Worst Possible ClientEdit

Team Seven retrieves Tora the cat

Madam Shijimi the Fire Daimyo's wife introduced

Sarutobi explains the mission rankings  

Team Seven is assigned their first C-rank mission and meet Tazuna  

Kakashi explains the ninja villages and elemental countries  

Kakashi is "killed" by the Demon Brothers  

Chapter 10 - Two Down Edit

Naruto and Sasuke attempt to fight off the Demon Brothers.

Naruto is injured 

Kakashi defeats the Demon Brothers  

Zabuza and Gato introduced

Naruto cuts himself to get rid of the poison and Kakashi notes his ultrafast healing  

Chapter 11 - Disembark Edit

Tazuna tells the truth about the mission  

Naruto throws a shuriken at a snow rabbit

Zabuza attacks  

Chapter 12 - It's Over Edit

Kakashi's Sharingan is shown 

Zabuza uses Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Technique  

Kakashi uses Water Clone Technique  

Chapter 13 - I'm a Ninja Edit

Zabuza uses Water Prison Technique

Naruto loses and regains his forehead protector  

Chapter 14 - Secret Plan  Edit

Zabuza and Kakashi tell of how Zabuza was called the Demon of the Mist

Naruto and Sasuke use the Shadow Shuriken Technique  

Chapter 15 - Sharingan Resurrected Edit

Kakashi is freed from Water Prison Technique  

Kakashi and Zabuza use Water Dragon Blast Technique

Kakashi mimics Zabuza with the Sharingan  

Kakashi and Zabuza use Water Explosion Technique

Zabuza is incapacitated by Haku with senbon needles  

Chapter 16 - Who Are You?! Edit

Chapter 17 - Preparations for Battle Edit

Volume 3 Bridge of CourageEdit