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The Second Artbook Says:Edit

  1. Ichibi (Tanuki): Gaara - Hidden Sand
    • Gaara's concept is a tanuki. I thought that it would make a good rival for Naruto's fox. (The next sentence is confusing, but the previous sentence gets the gist of it) I liked the concave chin and jagged teeth on the One-tail's mouth.
  2. Nibi (Neko-mata): Nii Yugito - Hidden Cloud
    • I got the image of the Two-tails from the idea that having a two-tailed cat elongates your lifespan. Yugito was a high-ranking female shinobi that even Killer Bee looked up to.
  3. Sanbi (Turtle): Yagura - Hidden Mist
    • Because I had previously shown mainly jinchuuriki like Naruto and Gaara, I decided to show a huge bijuu instead. The image is that of a turtle.
  4. Yonbi (Gorilla-Monkey): Roushi - Hidden Stone
    • The concept for this bijuu was a gorilla... and also Son Goku's monkey from Dragonball. While the horns wrapping around the forehead are supposed to be like the Chinese Son Goku's halo(?). I just combined all of that together. It shoots lava from its mouth.
  5. Gobi (Horse-Dolphin): Han - Hidden Stone
    • I just had this idea to combine a dolphin with a horse, I don't really understand it myself. Han wears steam-powered armor and is a ninja that uses steam. He's a steam jinchuuriki.
  6. Rokubi (Slug): Utakata - Hidden Mist
    • The Six-tails has a wet and drippy feel to it, but it doesn't shoot out lightning. (lol)<-these are Kishimoto's lols, not mine. Utakata uses soap ball (bubbles!) ninjutsu and looks like he'd fit in at a wake.
  7. Shichibi (Insect): Fuu - Hidden Waterfall
    • The concept of the Seven-tails was that of a bug. It has the feel of an armored bug. It's tails are wings! The [concept of the] jinchuuriki is tentatively that of a girl. I haven't really decided on it.
  8. Hachibi (Ushi-Oni): Kirabi - Hidden Cloud
    • The Eight-tails is a combination of an octopus and a bull. I'm pleased with how deliciously the tentacles turned out. Killer Bee rhymes and steps to the beat. He's freakin' strong.
  9. Kyuubi (Kitsune): Naruto - Hidden Leaf
    • The concept is a fox. It's the strongest of the bijuu, in fact, it's so strong that I, the author, have to wonder about the best way to show it off each time. (lol)

Thanks to Meinos Kaen and Pirazy for the info.

--Lightwave91 21:46, October 3, 2009 (UTC)